GyuYama nabe /牛の山盛り鍋

Ingredients (Serves 2)
0.3 lb Sukiyaki Beef
2 leaves Hakusai / Nappa cabbage
Half bag Bean sprouts
Half bag Enoki mushroom
Half bag Nira / Chinese chives
Some sliced red chili pepper

600 ml Water
1 1/2 tbsp Nijiya Miso
3 tbsp Nijiya BBQ sauce
1 stick Nijiya Wafu dashi stock
1/2 tsp grated Garlic
Salt & pepper

↓ For the Directions / 日本語レシピ

1. Cut nappa cabbage into small pieces, Chop off the hard ends of enoki mushroom, and cut Chinese chives like in the photo
2. In a bowl, put all ingredients for Soup and mix well
3. In a pot, place nappa cabbage and bean sprouts in the conical shape. On top of it, insert Enoki mushroom. Then place the meat around the vegetable and make a mountain
4. Add red chili pepper on top and spread Chinese chives around the meat
5. Pour soup in the pot and cook it!