Rice cooked with Clams /あさりの洋風炊き込みご飯

Using the rice cooker makes the procedure very easy!
Chop vegetables and put all ingredients in the rice cooker. Press the start button and just wait!

Ingredients (Serves 2-3)
2 cups Rice
1 ~ 2 packs Clam (remove sand from clam)
1 slice Bacon
1/3 Carrot
1/4 Onion
1 Green bell pepper
1/6 Red bell pepper

1 tsp Chicken flavor bouillon
1/2 tsp Soy sauce
1 tsp Butter

↓ For the Directions / 日本語レシピ

1. Rinse rice and drain on a strainer. Chop vegetables and bacon finely
2. Put rice, add bouillon and soy sauce in a rice cooker. Add water less than the line of 2 cups. Mix well. Add and spread vegetables and bacon. Add clam on top. Lastly, add butter and start cooking
3. After cooking, take the half amount of clam out and take meat our from shells. Mix rice well from bottom
4. Put rice into serving plates and put clam meat. Sprinkle parsley on top