Spicy hot pot / 坦々鍋

Ingredients for two

For preparing meat
1/4 lb Ground pork
1 Tbsp Cooking oil
1/8 Tsp Salt
Some sliced red chili pepper

In the Pot
1 bunch Bok choy
4 leaves Nappa
1/2 Tokyo green onion
4 Oyster mushroom
1/4 Chinese chives
2/3 Nijiya Kimchi Hot Pot Soup 🌟Available Online🛒
2 Tbsp ground sesame seeds
Some chili oil

↓ For the Directions / 日本語レシピ

1. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Add Ground pork, sliced red pepper and salt.
2. Cut other ingredients into pieces, and put them in a pot besides Chives. Add hot pot soup in the pot. Cover and bring to boil over high heat.
3. Turn down the heat to medium when vegetables are cooked. Add chives and cooked pork in the center. Sprinkle ground sesame and put chili oil around.

*Adding fresh noodle into leftover soup is a genius idea!